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On the Peace server: Enable friendly pvp with mutual consent. Something like, when one player tags another, a dialog pops up "player invites you to pvp, click yes or no". Perhaps also add a player setting "Always reject pvp" for those who don't want to be bothered.




Up vote: - Cit BlackPlague

Up vote: - MIDM tranzitakahonda

Up vote: - Cit TorvaMessor

Down vote: I’m downvoting because of the amount of work that would be required to implement. Very unlikely to be accepted by dev. - 2LT Marlinspike

Up vote: - Cit Paddy_the_Irish

Up vote: - MIDM KoozJ

Up vote: Agreed but only in an arena type mode (avoiding the loss of ship) where we can bet reels instead of loosing the ship we will either win or loose reels. Another possibility is to have an option to surrender (in the scenario where a player could loose their ship in the consented PvP battle) thus the player will admit defeat pay reels to the winner and get to keep their own ship and not loose it. - MIDM Jungfaha