Welcome to the Naval Gaming Education Center, where our mission is to bridge the gap between the virtual world of naval gaming and the real world of shipping, transportation, safety and security at sea.

We have several projects under way and you are invited to participate in any manner that is interesting to you, whether you are civilian or military, professional or amateur.

Feel free to reach us at contact@navalgaming.com

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach intermodal transport simulation

Transport Fever is a transportation simulation game that focuses on railroads, but also includes trucking, shipping and port features. Using the extensive modding capabilites of this game we are building a scale model of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Naval Action teamwork and leadership development

Naval Action is a massively multiplayer, open world video game set in the 18th-century age of sail. To maximize enjoyment and success in the game, players have to coordinate their actions in time and virtual space, which requires teamwork and leadership. Here at Naval Gaming, we are developing tools to facilitate the development of teamwork and leadership to support players for the U.S. nation in game.

For more, visit NA.Navalgaming.com

Marine Traffic data modeling

MarineTraffic.com is a commercial ship tracking service that has an extensive community of volunteers who help to gather dataon ships and their movement around the world. Using their API, we hope to incorporate near-real-time shipping data in our port models.

Command simulation of port security, safety and defense

Command Modern Operations is an extensive, realistic gaming platform that simulates modern warfare in the air, on land, and at sea. We can use this platform to model safety, security and defense operations around the the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.