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Standing Orders

The purpose of the Naval Gaming Standing Orders is to provide basic ground rules to facilitate teamwork in Naval Gaming.

  1. All officers of Naval Gaming must behave in a professional manner while maintaining a positive and supportive attitude.
  2. All officers standing watch on the quarterdeck should be in-game and seek out other officers of Naval Gaming to work with as a team.
  3. While standing watch on the quarterdeck, all officers must follow the lead of the watch commander.
  4. All officers are expected to maintain active status in Naval Gaming by, minimally, visiting the website at least once a week.
  5. Officers are NOT required to be "Naval Gaming" at all times while playing Naval Action.
  6. Admiral of the Navy KingNeptune is the ultimate and final authority in all matters related to Naval Gaming. Admiral of the Navy KingNeptune may at any time without prior notification make any changes whatsoever to Naval Gaming rules, processes, platform, website, data, code and anything else about Naval Gaming.
  7. Have fun!

Last updated 13Dec2020