Standing Orders

The purpose of the Naval Gaming Standing Orders is to provide basic ground rules to facilitate teamwork in Naval Gaming.

  1. Officers of Naval Gaming must behave in a civil manner while maintaining a positive and supportive attitude.
  2. If at any time a conflict arises, the parties to the conflict are expected to move to a private communications channel until the conflict is resolved. Public flame wars will not be tolerated.
  3. Officers of Naval Gaming are strongly encouraged to be in Discord voice channels while playing Naval Action, but are not required to be "Naval Gaming" at all times.
  4. Officers of Naval Gaming must respect the rank structure and chain of command.
  5. Admiral of the Navy KingNeptune is the ultimate and final authority in all matters related to Naval Gaming. Admiral of the Navy KingNeptune may at any time without prior notification make any changes whatsoever to Naval Gaming rules, processes, platform, website, data, code and anything else about Naval Gaming.
  6. Have fun!