Naval Action 10-Step Quickstart Guide

This is a guide to get you quickly started in Naval Action. There is a lot to learn and do in Naval Action, and everybody has their own interests and play style. This guide maps out a path that you can take at your own pace, quickly or slowly, to learn the basics and get started on a sound footing in the game.

Here are the ten steps to this guide:

1. Complete the Tutorials

The in-game tutorials cover the basics of how to sail and fight your ship. By basic, we mean very rudimentary -- just enough to get you started, but you need to learn a lot more to be effective in the game. When you are ready to move beyond the basics, here are some recommended video tutorials that will help you develop the skills you need to progress in the game:
In Depth - Basic Manual Sailing Tutorial
Naval Action Core Mechanics: Gunnery
Naval Action Tutorial: Turning Through the Wind

2. Complete the Final Exam

At this time (June, 2022) we are recommending that you bypass the exams and go straight to the Final Exam. Due to updated mechanics, the Demasting Exam is virtually impossible for a new player to complete. This could change, and you are certainly welcome to try the exams. Here are some video tutorials to help you with the final exam:
Naval Action Tutorial: Final Exam and AI Tactics
Naval Action Tutorial: Crew Management

3. Redeem/equip your Cerberus

After completing the Final Exam, as a reward you will receive a Note than you can convert to a Cerberus light frigate, along with guns, rum and repairs, and five thousand reals of in-game currency. You have also received a promotion, increasing the amount of crew you command from 100 to 240. This enables you fully crew a light frigate like the Cerberus, but more importantly, you can undercrew a heavy frigate like the Trincomalee. For now, your Cerberus is perfect for capturing a Traders Brig, which you need to generate an income to support your rise up the ranks.

4. Take Passenger Mission

You need money to make money in trading, and a Passenger Mission is the simplest way to get the startup capital you need. Select a passenger mission that gets you as close as possible to La Navasse, the West Indie's main market port. You will be using the money you make on this passenger mission to purchase trade goods for trading.

5. Capture a Traders Brig

While you are enroute with your passengers, keep a sharp lookout for a Traders Brig. You need the large hold space of a trader to maximize trading revenue.

6. Open an outpost in La Navasse

La Navasse is the largest market port in the Caribbean. Everything you need to be a successfull ship captain can be located here, including ships, cannon, rum, repairs, modifications and knowledge books. When you have raised enough funds, it is here that you will purchase and equip a Trincomalee heavy frigate.

On the map, note the location of Port Antonio and Santiago de Cuba.

7. Start trading at Port Antonio

The enslaved people of Jamaica are revolting against the island's cruel plantation owners. You can help them by supplying gunpowder and muskets, and you can help yourself to the profits of trading.

At Port Antonio, purchase trading goods -- Severes Stained Glass and Burgundian Wine -- which can be sold for a handsome profit in Santiago de Cuba. Then, purchase Gunpower and Muskets for delivery and sale back at Port Antonio. You can repeat this process until there are no more goods, which will replenish the next day.

8. Purchase/equip a Trincomalee heavy frigate

Once you have made at least 100k reals, you can now afford to purchase/equip an inexpensive Trincomalee in La Navasse. The Trinc is a free dlc that veteran players recieved some time ago, and it is the only dlc ship that can be traded among players. The Trinc can be redeemed only once per day, but there is no limit to the number of ships that can be redeemed. That is why this ship is inexpensive.

9. Level up with 5th-rate Kill missions

The evil plantation owners of Jamaica have hired pirate mercenaries to try and interdict the supply of arms going into Port Antonio. With your Trincomalee, you can battle the pirate mercenaries by taking 5th-rate Kill missions at Port Antonio. Each battle could net you over 1000 xp, which will quickly add up and get you promotions to command more crew and bigger ships.

10. Have fun!

Naval Action is a challenging game to play. There are skills to be mastered and knowledge to be gained to play this game at a high level. Seek out other players and don't hesitate to ask for help. Join us here at -- our raison d'etre is to help people like you who are just starting out.